Why My Morning Was Inspirational

Hi Friends,

I want to share something. I had the privilege and opportunity to hear Diane Studer speak this morning. I got up early, ran, and went to hear her. She is the founder of Soles for Jesus. What an inspirational morning. Just to hear her story and all that this organization has done. Incredible!! You should read all about their mission here:


Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. As women we need to be lifting each other up and encouraging each other. Let’s stop tearing each other down. Let’s work as a team and build each other up. Whether it’s one day, one pair of shoes, one word at a time.

That’s my goal. To cheer you on and give you the encouragement you need when you need it. Starting today. Starting right now. We’ve got this. With God we’ve got this.

We can meet a need wherever we are. Wherever we go. We can be a light. God is reaching out and grabbing each of us for a purpose. Each. One. Of. Us. Thank you God!

Hope you are having a great Saturday.




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