“Jesus Loves You”

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all get out and exercise today! I went for a great run this morning.

I have to tell you a story. In the movie theater this past week, there was a woman in front of us that all of a sudden was struggling to breathe. Her husband put oxygen on her, but an ambulance needed to come, and she was carried out.

I later heard that she had been sick for awhile and had passed away the next day. One minute she was watching the film, and the next she was in the hospital. There was a doctor and a pastor (several) that where there.

I heard one of the pastor’s whisper to her before she was carried out, “Jesus Loves You.”

As I was thinking about this later, I realized something that is important for all of us. Jesus is always enough. His love is what matters to each person on this earth. What a comfort to those who know Christ.

This is what we need to show the world. If Jesus loves us, we need to love others. No exceptions and no excuses. John 3:16.

So, please keep her family in your prayers. Pray that they have peace because she knew Jesus as her Savior.

Let’s try to love others as God loves us. Loves. Present tense.

Have a great weekend and upcoming week, friends!



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